Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random thought

The second best thing about having a child is having someone to play with! (The best thing, of course, is having someone to love.)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I thought there was nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...but then my (now) toddler walks into my open arms, falling into me for a hug.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Called by name

Tyler's first words, very early on, were for his father, with evolution from 'dada' to 'dad' to the current form: 'dad dad.' When my husband came home from work, the key turning in the lock, Tyler would perk up and start calling for him from wherever we were, even his second floor bedroom.

He only started saying 'mama' consistently once I returned to work after a year. I suppose I had to leave too in order for him to need to refer to me.

Now that he calls for me, I feel 'called out,' and known. Where once we had an unspoken attachment, there is some validation conferred by language.

Tonight he protested when placed in his crib to sleep, calling for me by name repeatedly...In the few moments before he settled and fell asleep, I realized it will be more difficult for me from now on to deny him. (You can't spoil a baby with love and attention and responsive need-fulfillment, but as a baby becomes a toddler, you can't fulfill their every demand. Juice! Candy! The moon!)

I will raise him to use words well, to show him how words can have beauty of expression, and power to influence.