Saturday, September 17, 2011

First hugs

Friday & Saturday I went to an overnight retreat for moms. It was just north of the city, and staying overnight did make it feel like a separation. I roomed with my friend who has a ten month old. I have just weaned my 16 month old this week. It's liberating yet I will miss that close communion.

The retreat sessions were very much what I needed to hear, both for my own enrichment and for the life of my child. Community health nurses run sessions on how to treat the flu, but not how to recognize and nurture your child's gifts, be aware of undesirable behaviour you may be passing down, and how to affirm their unique identity and destiny.

When I returned home, T toddled over, with his face lit up in delight, and with open arms enclosed me in an embrace, tightened, and then let go. A hug, and it felt like the first one in history, a spontaneous drawing in to yourself of the one you missed, and the one you love.

I am reminded that you sometimes need distance to become close again.