Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Signs of maturity

Not a little kid any more...

-prefers to sit in a chair at the table for snacks rather than a high chair
-is more aware of being a guest at others' houses, understanding that the toys he plays with are to be  asked for, amd returned on request
-can take "no" for an answer!
-initiates age-appropriate games with younger guests, like peekaboo
-will page through one of his books on his own
-regulates his energy at times, lying down for a brief rest
-has a calmer temperament overall
-when making a joke, looks for a positive response before repeating it
-identifying similar-sounding words, "racoon & cocoon," "parrot & pirate."
-tries to soothe fussy sister by giving her a hug, making verbal reassurances, alerting mommy if sister is crying
-can assess and report that little sis is tired, and tries to be quiet himself and admonishes others to be quiet if she is sleeping

Monday, November 5, 2012

2.5 year old son & 7 month old daughter

Sharing: I tell Tyler if he's going to take his toy from his sister that he should find something for her to play with. He considers, and brings something she liked the day before. It seems like we are reasoning together, this toddler and I.

"Older baby": Ashley is now in that sturdy baby stage where she has good head & neck control, makes sudden lunges & grabs for desirable objects, smiles/coos/laughs, and rolls back & forth well. This is the pre-crawling stage in which she is still light on one arm but newly independent to seek out her own distractions when awake and alert. I held her sleeping in one arm while I ate dinner, and when she suddenly awoke, she kept her cheek pressed into me, calm and unblinking.

We see the signs of readiness and we are encouraging Tyler to be independent of diapers, via a pull-ups stage. He really is growing up, growing into his own person with opinions, stated preferences, fears, jokes. He is a "big kid" among our set of friends' kids, taking on an "older brother" role. In the car, to his little sis, he says, "don't cry, mui mui [little sis], Tien-Yun [his Chinese name] here." A pause, and he pats the portable bathtub next to him: "boat here too!"

Consolation for daylight savings time & colder weather: Christmas is coming!