Monday, June 2, 2014


It was such a long winter it's hard to believe it might actually be...summer? Yet the ocassional threat of hail seems to remind us not to become too comfortable.

If we list all the activities we do, it would seem like we are having a grand time. However, we are sick, so that clouds the circumstances, and is the backdrop against which everything plays out.

I've enrolled Tyler in two consecutive weeks of summer day camp, and it will be a test run for full-day junior kindergarten. Even the logistics can be worked out: the wake-up and get-ready routine, packing and handling of snacks and lunch, and labelling of clothes and personal items.

Immediately after JK open house, I think my expectations were set higher for Tyler to display more independent behaviour. I do need to remember he's just turned 4.

Meanwhile, Ashley is becoming a bigger presence every day, shadowing and sometimes overpowering her more laid-back big brother. Who made her the boss? I think she assumed the role.

Our world of three adults and two kids makes for a busy house, but not a full one - we are off-balance in places where we previously had an anchor, a steadying presence.