Monday, July 9, 2012

Three month old daughter

14 weeks old: 5.72 kg, 61 cm. There was a time when I wondered if I loved her as much as her older brother, because the same level of intensity wasn't there. Eventually I realized that this was the ease of having a second child. With the firstborn, it's exhilarating & terrifying, and you are both love-struck & shell-shocked. You love your baby so much and are full of anxiety that they will stop breathing. I am able to enjoy this infant time now that I know what comes next...rolling, crawling, separation anxiety, walking, talking, must be said too that objectively, she's an easy baby. She set her own schedule within a few weeks without my having to establish it or reinforce it. She feeds well and sleeps well. Like her brother, she has a certain amount of maturity, even as a newborn. These are my 'old soul,' 'wise' children.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I noticed two months ago a new level of sophistication in Tyler: he knows how to 'play the system.' Grandma asked him to tell her when the 'Toopy & Binoo segment ended.' The half hour show has subtle transitions and music changes between mini-episodes. When the time came, he looked askance at me to see if I would give him away. I didn't, and he shifted and settled into watching another. A month ago his new thing was lining up similar toys in orderly rows. This weekend we went to a friend's house with an inflatable pool, and he found a bucket, filled it, and carries it to a dirt patch to water it. He did this until he empties half the pool. He wasn't interested in sitting in the pool, but kept circling it. Today he's doing the same thing, playing with all the toy ducks from outside the pool. I think he likes to experiment and engage in an activity without getting right into the middle of it. I've heard he does the same at circle time, circling the group and looking on. Perhaps he'll be a film director or product tester coordinator...