Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas morning

Awake before the kids...but should sleep again so I can keep up with them after they open their gifts! They are getting a Hape furnished house with family & pets, a set of indoor/outdoor gorilla blocks, and a Spielgaben version 2! This is a no-batteries Christmas, though the house required assembly.

We have a pine Christmas tree with lights, and edible treats. Later today we will head to a family gathering for afternoon play and dinner.

They are 4 & 2 years old this Christmas, and this Christmas only.

Merry Christmas, or season's greetings, to you and yours!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter concert!

Ah, the time-honoured tradition of the winter concert! It was very well done, with the kids sitting "criss-cross applesauce" in a circle, with several short, action-oriented, well-rehearsed songs in their repertoire. The families sat back in chairs and took photo and video.

After, the kids presented crafts they had worked on, beautifully teacher-wrapped, with hand-written cards attached.

It was such a nice way to start the day, to drop off one's four year old and then return for a presentation.

The kids were so proud of themselves, too!

These things take hard work, but then look easy!

I am reminded at all these steps along the way how nice it is to attend a neighborhood school. No need to show up two hours ahead to reserve a row of seats, no jostling with other families...just quiet appreciation for one's own and others' children.